The short answer is "Unfortunately, probably not".

The long answer is... as you've probably seen, I love to highlight cool projects in my updates.  I've been doing this since my kickstarter started.  It's a way for me to share my personal enthusiasm for neat things that are going on in the community with the Robot Turtles backers.

And the awesome people who have backed me are first and foremost in my mind.  So while I don't have any hard rules, I tend towards projects where I am personally confident that they're going to deliver. Usually because I know the creators already, or because they've already had enough success that they've proven they can deliver (e.g. their Kickstarter is over, I got the product, and I love it).  And unfortunately I'm so underwater right now I don't have time to do a deep investigation on new projects and creators. So unless we know each other already, or I've been using your product for a while now, it's probably not going to work out.  I'm sorry!

But do send me a link anyway - I'll do my best to try and take a look. (no promises!)